Thicc Bois LLC

Nyx Glass


Nyx was the goddess of the night; a shadowy figure who mothered other deities. She held such beauty and power that she was feared by Zeus himself! 

Out of the shadows comes the Nyx Glass! Just as beautiful as the goddess it was named for. This vessel may be short in stature, but it will stand up to any pour you throw it's way!

Craft Glasses For Craft Beer!



  • Volume: 18 - 20 Oz
  • Glass Blower: @BronxGlass

*Note: All glasses are blown to order, please allow up to one week for production! These glasses are made individually by hand. Please hand-wash with extreme care. As with any piece of glassware, it is common for small air bubbles and other imperfections to appear. The imperfections will not affect the quality of the glass, but if this is an issue for you, please do not purchase our hand-blown beer glassware. All sales are final!

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